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what is it?

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what is the rapidradio?

Isn’t it just beauty?
No, it’s not.
It is beauty and it works!
How cool is that?

rapidradio means the simplest wireless connectivity for your Raspberry Pi.
It’s a half-duplex 2.4GHz transceiver based on the RFM75 module (made by HopeRF). It’s a perfect solution for any kind of home automation, robotics, DIY projects, Arduino-to-Raspberry Pi projects etc.
You will be surprised how much you can reach using rapidradio. So much opportunities and so much fun, because it will work for you both ways – for your projects and for your taste. Enjoy!

Dimensions (L x W x H): 27mm x 21mm x 12mm
Voltage: 1.9V – 3.6V, I/Os are 5V-tolerant
Interface: SPI up to 8MHz
RF features: RF power programmable: -35 .. +5dBm; 2.4000-2.4835 GHz ISM band (83 channels), 4-byte addresses
Speed: max. 2Mbit, but practical usable up/down stream is lower when all CRC, ACK, auto-repeat, etc. options are enabled.
Open area range: ~70m; improved indoor range by rapidradio wire antenna in comparison to the RFM73’s pcb antenna

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