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Both rapidradio and Arduino Uno have female sockets, but it is still very easy to connect them together. You can use prototyping wires and prototyping board or just extract 8 single pins from male goldpin socket (2.54mm raster).


Put 7 pins directly in the ArduinoUno socket…
…and bend the 8th pin – it will be used to connect the VCC pin to the Arduino’s 3.3V source.

Now your hardware is ready.


Download the latest source code from GitHub: https://github.com/micas-pro/rapidradio/tree/master/arduino.

You have two Arduino projects to choose: rapidradio_send and rapidradio_receive.
Just open one of them and feel free to modify the code.
It’s an easy way to help you start using rapidradio combined with the Arduino Uno board.

Now compile and upload them to your Arduino board and see how nicely it works together!

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