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Internet of (beautiful) Things

On Marzec 31, 2015, Posted by , In homepage, With No Comments

We have a thing for beauty – let us introduce the rapidradio thing. It’s a tiny node for your rapidradio-powered Internet of Things.


rapidradio thingrapidradio thing

It’s 5V powered and contains:

  • 1 relay (110/230V, 5A capable)
  • 7 GPIOs
  • micro USB power input
  • rapidradio socket

GPIOs can be configured as:

  • 3 digital I/O – e.g. to connect switches or single LEDs
  • 3 PWM – e.g. to smooth drive an RGB LED or drive 3 servos
  • I2C bus – e.g. to connect a sensor
  • SPI bus – e.g. to connect a sensor
  • 1 analog input – e.g. to connect an analog sensor

It runs our open source Mesh Network Lib on board, so it can act as: end/middle/mixed node to give you true mesh network. Full source code will be published on GitHub soon.


And again – it’s super easy to use – just press one button to initially log it into your IoT network and starting from that time it can be hot plug-in and plug-out.


With the rapidradio things your RaspberryPi becomes a gateway for the IoT. It can gather data from sensors and control any device connected to the rapidradio things. Now you can just log the data, present it as a website or send it to a cloud – it’s up to you! We give you our open source software including libraries and ready to use command-line tools.


It’s brilliant, isn’t it?



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