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rapidradio project is an open source project.
Grab the latest source code directly from GitHub here:

Open Source Initiative

pre-compiled RaspberryPi binary

You do not feel like building it right from source on your own?
No biggie, you can just download the latest rapidradio tool binary compiled for RaspberryPi.
Go to the downloads section.

Or you can download it directly from your RaspberryPi as well:

wget -O rapidradio
chmod 777 rapidradio

pre-compiled rapidradioUSB binaries

Go to the downloads section for:

  • USB driver for Windows (for Linux no driver is needed)
  • rapidradioUSB.exe command-line tool (.NET) for both: Windows & Linux.

pre-compiled GUI tool

Go to the downloads section for the latest GUI tool to manage the rapidradio thing network.

3 Comments so far:

  1. Jan Busk pisze:

    Where can i find Documentation, code examples etc?

    Are ther libreries for python and/or java?

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