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This is a pre-compiled rapidradio command-line tool for RaspberryPi. It simplify sending / receiving data through the rapidradio module. It uses a simply protocol to detect lost/duplicated packets to ensure complete and correct transfers.

It's open source, take a look here: https://github.com/micas-pro/rapidradio/tree/master/raspberrypi


start listening using address 0x12345678 and channel 50:

sudo ./rapidradio -l -a=0x12345678 -c=50 > received_file.txt

To stop listening just hit Ctrl+C.

Then on second Raspberry Pi use this command to send a 'sample_file.txt' to the listening rapidradio you've just set (address 0x12345678 and channel 50):

sudo ./rapidradio -a=0x12345678 -c=50 < sample_file.txt

You’ve just sent a file.

Note: The channel number and target device address need to match values used on a listening device.

./rapidradio --help
to see all available rapidradio tool options.

Note: 'sudo' rights are required to access SPI interface on Raspberry Pi.

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