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what is it?

what is the rapidradio?

Isn’t it just beauty?
No, it’s not.
It is beauty and it works!
How cool is that?

rapidradio means the simplest wireless connectivity for your Raspberry Pi.
It’s a half-duplex 2.4GHz transceiver based on the RFM75 module (made by HopeRF). It’s a perfect solution for any kind of home automation, robotics, DIY projects, Arduino-to-Raspberry Pi projects etc.
You will be surprised how much you can reach using rapidradio. So much opportunities and so much fun, because it will work for you both ways – for your projects and for your taste. Enjoy!

Dimensions (L x W x H): 27mm x 21mm x 12mm
Voltage: 1.9V – 3.6V, I/Os are 5V-tolerant
Interface: SPI up to 8MHz
RF features: RF power programmable: -35 .. +5dBm; 2.4000-2.4835 GHz ISM band (83 channels), 4-byte addresses
Speed: max. 2Mbit, but practical usable up/down stream is lower when all CRC, ACK, auto-repeat, etc. options are enabled.
Open area range: ~70m; improved indoor range by rapidradio wire antenna in comparison to the RFM73’s pcb antenna
how to use it?

Raspberry Pi setup

How to set up rapidradio? don’t worry, it’s a child’s play.
Just plug it in to your Raspberry Pi as shown on the pictures below – meaning into the inner pin column, starting from the 6th pin from bottom (true for all Raspberry Pi versions).
Do not forget to switch-off and unplug Raspberry Pi first (just in case).

Raspberry Pi model A/B

Raspberry Pi model A/B

Raspberry Pi model A/B

Raspberry Pi model B+/Raspberry Pi 2

rapidradio pinout

rapidradio pinout

Then get the rapidradio tool. You can download compiled binary here (Raspbian Wheezy) here:


or go to the downloads page

or you can build it from source on your own:

sudo apt-get install autoconf
git clone
cd rapidradio/raspberrypi
chmod 744
sudo make install

now you are ready for a transmission!
start listening using address 0x12345678 and channel 50:

sudo ./rapidradio -l -a=0x12345678 -c=50 > received_file.txt

To stop listening just hit Ctrl+C.

Then on second Raspberry Pi use this command to send a ‚sample_file.txt’ to the listening rapidradio you’ve just set (address 0x12345678 and channel 50):

sudo ./rapidradio -a=0x12345678 -c=50 < sample_file.txt

You’ve just sent a file. A child’s play, wouldn’t you agree?

Note: The channel number and target device address need to match values used on a listening device.


./rapidradio --help

to see all available rapidradio tool options.

Note: ‚sudo’ rights are required to access SPI interface on Raspberry Pi.
Internet of (beautiful) Things

We have a thing for beauty – let us introduce the rapidradio thing. It’s a tiny node for your rapidradio-powered Internet of Things.


rapidradio thingrapidradio thing

It’s 5V powered and contains:

  • 1 relay (110/230V, 5A capable)
  • 7 GPIOs
  • micro USB power input
  • rapidradio socket

GPIOs can be configured as:

  • 3 digital I/O – e.g. to connect switches or single LEDs
  • 3 PWM – e.g. to smooth drive an RGB LED or drive 3 servos
  • I2C bus – e.g. to connect a sensor
  • SPI bus – e.g. to connect a sensor
  • 1 analog input – e.g. to connect an analog sensor

It runs our open source Mesh Network Lib on board, so it can act as: end/middle/mixed node to give you true mesh network. Full source code will be published on GitHub soon.


And again – it’s super easy to use – just press one button to initially log it into your IoT network and starting from that time it can be hot plug-in and plug-out.


With the rapidradio things your RaspberryPi becomes a gateway for the IoT. It can gather data from sensors and control any device connected to the rapidradio things. Now you can just log the data, present it as a website or send it to a cloud – it’s up to you! We give you our open source software including libraries and ready to use command-line tools.


It’s brilliant, isn’t it?



rapidradio with Arduino

Arduino Uno setup

Yes, you can use the rapidradio with your Arduino board too! Detailed description and sketch source files can be found on this page.

rapidradio with PC or Mac

rapidradio USB
We are working on a cute rapidradio family extension: the rapidradio USB. It will let you talk to your rapidradio-powered RaspberryPi or any other rapidradio-powered devices from a PC or Mac. Just plug it into an USB port and use the open source command line tool or the rapidradio USB library.


project samples

you rock and we wanna see it!

Did you do an amazing project using rapidradio? share it with us, show it to other users!
You want to do one, but you still have no idea where to begin?
Here are some ideas you can use it for:

  • Home automation systems – make your sensor network independent of WiFi connection that is, well.. not always to rely on

  • Roboticsrapidradio is the cutest way to simplify communication with your robots

  • Voice streaminglet the voice fly like a butterfly and make a wireless intercom

  • Telemetry – get rid of expensive UART-to-RF bridges

…and much more. the only limits for the buttefly is the sky because… it’s cute, it’s rapid and it works.

Take a look at current Projects Page.